Vampire Saga: Break Out

Vampire Saga: Break Out

Sink your teeth into the jugular of a heart-stopping journey
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Vampire Saga: Break Out is the third edition of this hidden object adventure game. You play a doctor Crow who upon losing his daughter Grace to an unknown disease sets out to find a cure. He receives a letter from a hospital where some miners in that area have strange symptoms and require his expertise. Throughout the game you will be helped by the ghost of your daughter which will sometimes try to guide you and help you if it is necessary.

The game doesn't have as many cinematic as other games of the same genre, however, it has a lot of smooth animations when you interact with other objects and people. Like in every hidden object game you need to find objects that will help you along your path and solve puzzles. The thing I liked the most about Vampire Saga: Break Out was that the way you interact with objects actually matters. Unlike other games, where you just click an object over another and you get a crude animation, here you should move in a correct pattern in order to open the lock, or solve the puzzle.

The layout of the game screen is also pretty nice. Everything you require is in the bottom part of the screen. In the left corner you have a special case where you can store blood samples. Right next to it you have the Menu tab where you can change some options or leave the game. The inventory is right in the middle part and it slides down when you're not using it. Then on the right side you have the Journal where you can track your progress and check your objectives better and then you have the Hint button. Once you press the Hint button you will get a hint which is usually a highlighted object or a place with which you can interact in order to advance.

Vampire Saga: Break Out is definitely one of the finest hidden object games with a very popular theme nowadays, vampires.

Dennis Niels
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  • Great Artwork
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  • Very nice object interactions
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